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Olympic Fever

by on August 10, 2012

As these Olympics are winding down, I’ll admit it.  I’ve been a super HUGE fan of the Olympics since I was a kid and in the last two weeks I have been reminded of just how much fun it all is.  With the added bonus of staying home during the day to watch it all happen, of course.

The feats of strength, speed, and strategy.

So many amazing moments and heart-rending stories of overcoming injury and loss to reach a lifelong goal – compete in the Olympics.

Additionally, this Olympiad was an important one for women.  It was the first to see every country’s team feature at least one female athlete.  And at some point I heard (please don’t quote me because I really don’t want to have to look it up) that more than half of the USA gold medals have been won by women.  I mean just look at the Fab Five and Gabby Douglas – they did something the U.S. hasn’t done since 1996!

Pretty amazing, right?

But even Olympians are vulnerable.

We’ve talked about Olympic goal medalist Shannon Miller and her fight with ovarian cancer here before and we have a special treat for you.

We were asked by the good folks at The Mesothelioma Alliance Cancer Blog to share with you an interview they did recently with Ms. Miller.  Mesothelioma is another cancer that whispers so we certainly have something in common.

So please go on over to The Mesothelioma Alliance Cancer Blog and read the interview: From Olympic Gold to Ovarian Cancer: Our Interview with Former US Gymnast Shannon Miller

And when you’re done, take a minute to learn about mesothelioma.  Remember, education is the first step toward awareness.

Now, raise your hand if you’re going to be at a little bit of a loss as to what to do with yourself once the Games are over on Sunday.

*Raises hand*

– Marcy


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