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Diem Brown faces yet another challenge

by on June 18, 2012

I still remember the first time I heard about ovarian cancer. This story, however, requires a shameful confession – I may have been just a little hooked on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge.  (I may still be a little hooked, but that’s beside the shameful, shameful point. I gave up on The Real World after the first Vegas season. The glory days of the early seasons is but a distant memory now.)

Anyway, I digress… the first time I “knew” anyone with ovarian cancer was courtesy of MTV. Among the cast of the 2006 season of The Challenge was a young woman named Diem Brown. She revealed that she had been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She then appeared on a subsequent challenge – I still remember when she bravely took off her wig on camera. It was a touching moment (something that has been sorely lacking in later seasons).

Diem was diagnosed at age 23 and had one ovary, several lymph nodes, and part of her fallopian tube removed. As a young woman myself, it really affected me to realize that ovarian cancer could strike someone even younger than me. Although her appearances on subsequent challenges have been dramatic, to say the least, Diem has also been an active advocate. She started Live for the Challenge and created MedGift, a free online patient gift registry. This tool helps patients (of any kind) answer the oft-asked question “What can I do?”

Sadly, Diem recently revealed that her ovarian cancer is back. When I saw the news, I knew that I wanted to talk about Diem in this post. Her willingness to talk about her disease on camera opened my eyes to this silent killer and put a personal face on it. I’m sure she had the same effect on many other viewers.

While researching this post, I came across a video about Diem’s struggle that I wanted to share with you. It had to be hard for Diem to share such a personal moment with the world, but her willingness to do so was truly inspirational.

Best wishes to Diem as she faces ovarian cancer yet again. We’re pulling for you.



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  1. When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, I never knew of anyone who had the disease. I did a Google search celebrities who have had Ovarian Cancer and I came across Diem Brown. I admire her so much not only because she is a survivor but because she is also so close to my age when she went through it. She has shown that something good can come from cancer by creating MedGift and sharing her story with the world. I wish her the best with her recovery.

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