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A Call for State Action

by on June 13, 2012

Today the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance published a state-by-state review of laws governing access to quality care for women with ovarian cancer.  In a report card entitled Ovarian Cancer: A Call for State Action, OCNA has reviewed state laws and policies as they effect health care pertaining to ovarian cancer patients and survivors.

Many factors were considered, including:

All 50 states and DC were included in the comprehensive review funded by Genentech and GlaskoSmithKline.  Each state is given a ranking and a thorough summary of findings.

I was happy to discover that Colorado ranks 8th while DC is not far behind at 11th with Virginia trailing slightly at 14th.  As one might expect, California topped the listed though even this best state  “only addressed 60 percent of the elements” included in the study.

This is the first comprehensive study of its kind and hopefully it can be used as a jumping off point to elevate the level of care that current and future ovarian cancer patients and survivors can expect to receive.

Also included in the report card are the criteria evaluated, an explanation of the methodology used, recommendations, and sample legislation.

Please visit the Ovarian Cancer: A Call to State Action website for more detailed information.

– Marcy


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