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3rd Annual Jodi’s Race for Awareness

by on June 4, 2012

This past Saturday my family and I had the pleasure of running/walking the 3rd annual Jodi’s Race for Awareness presented by the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

This was my second 5k since we moved to Denver last July.  It went mildly better than the last one (in October) since I didn’t feel like I had an elephant sitting on my chest this time.  I think I’m finally getting acclimated!

For only being its 3rd year this is a very well run and well attended race.  I think I heard the emcee say that there were over 2,000 participants.  What I was most struck by was the number of women that seemed be young or at least close to my age of early 30s who were wearing survivor shirts.

Here are some pictures that we took along the way.

– Marcy

Wreaths 2012 Jodi's Race

Wreaths line the corrale

honor wall 2012 jodi's race

Tribute to Diane on the Honor Wall

Lake 2012 Jodi's Race

Decorations on the gazebo

Race Start 2012 Jodi's Race

Race start

Great team banner 2012 Jodi's Race

One of the team’s banners

heartbreaking shirt 2012 Jodi's Race

It reads “You carried me; I’ll carry you. Terri’s Team August 25, 1949 – May 23, 2012” Her mother succumbed less than 2 weeks before the race.


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