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What are the realities of ovarian cancer?

by on March 30, 2012

We’ve talked about symptoms, causes, risk factors and diagnosis but what about the reality of what an ovarian cancer diagnosis means?

What are the numbers, the statistics?

Unfortunately, the realities of ovarian cancer are not good.

According to the CDC, ovarian cancer is the 8th most common cancer among women occurring at a rate of 12.2 per 100,000 in 2007. (1)

As discussed on Wednesday, there is no reliable early detection test for ovarian cancer so the majority of women are diagnosed at a later stage.  As a result, many women diagnosed only have about a 30% five-year survival rate. (2)

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance provides the following chart on survival rates based on diagnosis stage.

Not good news, right?

Thus the need for more awareness so that more women can be diagnosed at an early stage where the five-year survival rate is much, much higher.

For more detailed information on:

– Marcy


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