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Teal Tidbits: Celebrity Edition

by on March 24, 2012

Ovarian cancer has been making headlines in celebrity “gossip” circles this week.

Kathy Bates opened up to Anderson Cooper about her 2004 treatment for the cancer.  She is quoted as saying that it was due to her work that she decided to keep her cancer battle a secret but that were it to happen today, she would be more open with her struggles.

To hear more about her experience, watch the clip below:
(sorry that the clip won’t embed properly, I’m going to work on it)

The Huffington Post then ran a feature on other celebrities and families who have also been affected by ovarian cancer.  Those who have suffered include: Olympic medalist Shannon Miller (survivor), legendary Coretta Scott King (deceased), comedienne Gilda Radner (deceased), daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder and champion of breast cancer awareness Evelyn Lauder (survivor), actress Jessica Tandy (deceased), and reality star Diem Brown (survivor).

Remember: Ovarian cancer can effect anyone.

– Marcy


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